AHRS-2 Attitude / Heading Indicators
AHRS-4 AHRS Indicator with built-in attitude sensor

AHRS-2Meet the World’s most lightweight and compact, fully integrated inertial measurement instruments (IMU’s) and digital compasses.

The AHRS-2/AHRS-4 is a 3 1/8” sunlight readable color display instrument providing a display for an artificial horizon reference system (AHRS), an advanced digital compass, or both depending on which sensor packages are connected.

The AHRS-2/AHRS-4 can be setup to display the following:

  • Compass with slip indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP-6 sensor package)
  • Horizon with optional slip, turn indicator & G-Force (requires MGL Avionics SP-7/9 sensor package)
  • Turn and bank indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP-7/9 sensor package)
  • Combined compass and horizon display with bank indicator, slip indicator & G-Force (requires MGL Avionics SP6 & SP-7/9 sensor package)
  • Can be setup as an individual compass display, artificial horizon or both
  • The AHRS-2 / MAG-2 is connected to the AHRS / Compass sensor packages by a simple CAN bus interface. This allows for the optimum placement of the sensor packages in the aircraft
  • More then one AHRS-1 or AHRS-2 unit can be connected onto the CAN bus. This allows the compass, artificial horizon and the turn and bank indicator to be displayed on different units
  • G-Force indicator (MGL Avionics SP-7 required).


The display options depend on the attitude / heading sensor package you select.