An Easy-To-Apply Glass-Like Finish With Many Incredible Protective Properties For Almost Any Aircraft Surface Youll be amazed at this sprayable, wipeable, dippable thin, clear liquid that cures to an almost impregnable coating. EverShield’s protective properties boggle the mind. Examples: In tests it resists blow-torch heat (yes, blow-torch flame) above 2000°F It is impervious to virtually any chemical. It is excellent for hardness, flexibility, impact and scratch resistance, adhesion, and corrosion protection. It is unbelievably slick. On any aircraft, EverShield has applications from nose cone to tail cone. Wiped on a prop, this incredible film sheds bugs, pebbles, salt spray, whatever. On an exhaust, it seals the metal from corrosion and by refraction reduces heat transmissions to cowling and elsewhere. On leading edges bugs slide off. Over the entire plane, the slick surface fortifies the boundary layer, reduces drag. (How many knots will your plane pick up with an EverShield finish?) EverShield is a catalyzed treatment system that has been called liquid glass by some, liquid ceramic by others. It is non-hazardous (like all SS products). Cleans up with water (or solvents). Grips most any surface, from stainless steel, to acrylic sheet, to paint. Because this thin liquid covers so much surface per gram, the cost per square foot is trivial. EverShield is a true breakthrough miracle coating. There’s nothing comparable available. Once you use it you’ll continue to find a myriad of applications. Better give it a try soon