The latest state-of-the-art Electronic Flight Information System by Dynon presents a reliable 10 function unit which can be used as primary or back-up instrumentation. Utilizing a bright, sunlight-readable liquid crystal display, the pilot intuitively receives flight data on Airspeed & Angle-of- Attack (w/user-selected rangemarks), Altitude, and Vertical Speed using analog bars and/or digital readouts. By means of magnetic field sensors, Attitude (displayed full-screen), turn-coordinator, & compass heading are also prominently shown. Other user programmable functions include Clock/timer, G-meter, Volts, & checklist memory. Includes data port for autopilots & other avionics. Model D10A enhancements include serial altitude encoder output, support for future AOA audio stall warning, improved EMI protection plus a significantly faster display processor. Installs into standard 3-1/8″ panel hole. Optional bracket allows mounting flush with panel face. Overall dimensions: 3.39″H x 4.09″W x 6.85″ panel depth. 12/24V w/power input for external back-up battery. Angle-of-Attack feature requires optional pitot probe. For true Airspeed, Density Altitude, and OAT readouts, the optional TAS Probe and Remote Compass module are required. For experimental aircraft only.