Baffle Seal Friction Destroys Cowls and Cowl Fasteners. Typical silicone rubber baffle seals have a coefficient of friction among the highest of any know material. This friction transfers engine vibration into your cowl and cowl fasteners causing fatigue, cracking, chaffing and erosion. Cowl SaverTM Baffle Seal Material has 10 times Less Friction! One side is silicone and the other is the revolutionary friction free surface unique to the patent pending Cowl SaverTM. Cowl SaverTM dramatically reduces the friction between your cowl and baffle seals. Low Friction Saves You Money! Reduces transfer of damaging engine vibration to the engine cowl. Minimizes cowl chaffing and erosion from baffle seals Extends baffle seal life. Reduces expensive cowl and cowl fastener repairs, Reduces fatigue and cracking in aluminum baffles and cowl skins The cowling even goes on easier! Unbeatable Performance, Ideal balance of flexibility and stiffness to insure a proper seal, Fiberglass reinforced, Meets industry standard AMS3320G