A unique LED lightin system with STC approval, which operates from a standard 9 volt battery. The system is designed to replace one or more inspection panels on the bottom of each wing with a new inspection panel and a battery operated LED light. This LED will provide lighting around the aircraft for loading passengers or assisting in pre-flight inspections during night time operations. LED technology has made it possible to provide ample light while maintaining a long battery life. The benefit of this system compared to others is that the pilot does not have to turn on aircraft¦s master switch during passenger loading and preflight inspections which can drain the aircraft¦s electrical system and cause an unsafe situation with a (hot prop÷. The LED has been designed and tested specifically for aircraft applications where altitude and temperature fluctuations can destroy certain components of a standard LED. The unit is also equipped with an indicator to assist the pilot in finding the switch in the dark. A timing feature allows the operator to run the light for either 3 or 15 minutes after which time the unit will shut itself off. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.