Carbon monoxide detectors have been recommended by the NTSB for use in all aircraft using a single forward mounted reciprocating engine & enclosed cockpit, due to the ineffectiveness of exhaust inspection & testing methods. CO Guardian detectors use state-of-the-art internal sensors & a continuous airflow fan for optimum carbon monoxide detection; special circuitry compensates for changing temp/humidity levels. An 85 db audible alarm & flashing LED’s warn of CO levels of 50 ppm or more. (per FAR23.831) Both feature EMI radio interference shielding, remote warning light/annunciator output, and a test/reset button. A 1.63″x 1.28″ panel cutout is required (Optional faceplate adapter may be used for std 2-1/4″ cut-out). Length: 3.15″ Watts: <1W. Wt: 3.5 oz. The Aero-352 is tested to 13,500 ft. The AE452-14 additionally features built-in altitude compensation (tested to 25,000′) using a pressure sensor and an RS232 output for future upgrading. The Aero-452 meets FAA TSOC48A 3 yr mfg warranty. THE 28 VOLT MODEL,IS SPECIAL ORDER,CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILTY. Optional faceplate adapter (CO-AD) for mounting the Aero-352 & Aero-452 carbon monoxide detectors in a standard 2-1/4″ panel cut-out.