The Bearhawk is a 4 place – plans built design with generous proportions and superior performance. The design parameters were for a heavy hauling BIG airplane with a good cruise speed and economical operation. The proto type Bearhawk N6890R is powered by a Lycoming 0-360 (170 hp) set up to burn auto fuel. To date the design has lived up to and exceeded expectations. Short field performance is excellent with the large flaps. See EAA Sport Aviation October 1995. for a flight review and technical evaluation. Construction: The Bearhawk has an all metal wing with a fabric covered steel tube fuselage and tail feathers. Cessna windshield and modified lift struts are the only airframe components that are not built by the homebuilder. The build time is estimated at 1500-2000 hours. There are no complicated fittings or parts that the homebuilder would not be able to make. Access to an 8 ft sheet metal brake, a welding kit, rivet gun, clecos, aircompressor, tin snips and basic hand tools are all that are needed to build this aircraft. About the designer : The Bearhawk is an original design by Rober Barrows of Fincastle Virginia. Mr. Barrows holds an A&P license and is a mechanical engineer and also does consulting engineering. He has designed and built many aircraft and currently builders engines for homebuilders.

Note: Materials subject to “Designer” Changes and Adjustments. Listing given to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.