Wicks Aircraft in conjunction with B & C Specialty Products are having a sale on the L-40 (Homebuilt) alternator and LR3C-14 (14v) regulator combination through the month of March. This is a savings of $149.00 over the separate prices. The L-40 comes with either a Boss-Mount or Case-Mount Installation Kit please specify which mount you would like when ordering. The Boss Mount kit for the L-40 mounts on the machined pad on the bottom of the engine opposite the starter and uses a U-shaped bracket and two 5/16″ national course bolts. The Case Mount kit for the L-40 mounts to the case halves by using the  two 1/4″ case half bolts. Starter ring gear pulley size must also be specified either 7.5″ or 9.75″ when ordering. See the PDF’s for more information.