Our metal forming and shaping english wheel machines consists of two models of machines with similar gauge capacities, but with varying throat depths. Our metal formaing and shaping machines are used by metal working craftsmen to form compound curves is sheet metal for the restoration of collectable cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. The material typically used on cars and motorcycles is mild steel, while aluminum is standard on airplanes. Our English wheels have an upper rolling wheel and come standard with several lower anvil wheels with different crowns to create different radius. Both English Wheel versions are floor stand metal forming and shaping machines and come complete with only minor assembly (no welding required). The EW-28 English wheel has an 18-gauge mild steel capacity and a 28″ throat depth. This english wheel machine is perfect for forming sheet metal into desired compound curves for bodywork for racing chassis, as well as motor cycles. This metal forming machine comes standard with an 8″ X 2″ upper wheel and four 3″ X 2″ lower anvils with varying crowns. The EW-40 English wheel boosts an 18-gauge mild steel capacity and has a massive 40″ throat depth for forming deep panels. It too is great for auto, cycle and airplane restoration of mild steel or aluminum sheet metal. The upper wheel has a 7″ X 2″ diameter while the five lower anvils are 3″ X 2″ with varying crowns. Baileigh english wheels are quality constructed to last for years of use and can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Please call a Baileigh representative for further information on a metal forming and shaping machine or english wheel.