The Andair GAS10-70 Duel Filter/Gascolator has been developed for the increasingly popular Ultralight Market. This unit not only removes water from the fuel, but also filters it down to 70 Microns, which is a very important feature where unapproved Auto fuel may be used. The GAS10- 70 is easy to dismantle so that the filters can be checked and cleaned. Other key features that make this an essential item include: Comes ready to use, Easy to connect to fuel system with 1/4: hose and 1/8″ NPT fittings, Easy to mount, 8-32 rear mounting tapped holes, Aluminum construction gives a lightweight yet durable product, also is field cleanable, O-Rings can be replaced and the easily reassembled. Designed to accompany the Andair FS15x2 Micro Valve.