Aerovoltz AI Intelligent Lithium Charger is a 4 amp charger designed to keep your battery fully charged— The charger is lightweight and compact for use in small spaces. The Infinite Sequential Monitoring (ISM) of the charging process (qualification, bulk charge, absorption, and float) allows for a smooth transition between charging steps.

Additional features of the Aerovoltz AI Intelligent Lithium Charger include:

* 12 V or 6 V switchable at 4 amps
* AGM/Standard or lithium
* 12 V only for lithium switchable
* Microprocessor controlled
* Spark-proof even when output leads touch
* Reverse Polarity Protection (no charge or battery damage)
* State of charge LED indicators
* Includes rings and clips
* Lead acid safety timer: 25 hrs.
* Lithium safety timer: 15 hrs.
* Agency approval: BC/FCC