The AeroCanard is a 4 seat canard type aircraft with a Lycoming LIO360 engine. It has a 1000-mile range and typically cruises at over 200 mph on less than 10 gallons per hour. The AeroCanard SB has a smaller body width at the front seats. The plans include instructions for building either aircraft. There are literally thousands of canard aircraft similar to the AeroCanard flying all over world, and thousands more under construction. You can meet some of the people flying and building canards at the Canard Community Forum or at the many fly-in meetings held around the world. This highly efficient, fast, composite airplane can be built by one person in a garage or small workshop in as little as 18 months. All the training needed to master the techniques required is included in the instructions.

Note: Materials subject to “Designer” changes and adjustments. Listing given to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers Request. Prices subject to change without notice.