A650-PG and -PR complete wingtip position and strobe light assembly approved under STC SA800EA and TSO-C80b. Ready to install on your wingtip with minimum modification to the aircraft1s structure. Necessary when modifying Cessna wingtips that utilize a short position light assembly. The flash tube can be replaced without removing the position light from wingtip. This position and strobe light assembly is electrically and mechanically interchangeable with the Whelen A429-PG and -PR, and complies to FAR Part 23.1401. Specifications: Weight: 0.4 lbs.; Exposed Height: 2.4″; Length: 4.0″; A612 Magnifying Lens. When ordering please specify 14 or 28 volts for position lights. Accessories & replacement parts: A441 amp connector, W1285-2 position light base, A427-3 rubber pad spacer, 12 volt lamp reflector W1290-12, or 24 volt W1290-24, position light gasket W1283, position light lens W1284 – G green, -C clear, -R red, replacement flash tube assembly A601, retainer lens A626, radio shielded lens A626-D, lens A612.