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727-10 Biaxial Tape 4″

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17 oz non-woven E-glass fabric. Two layers ±45° fiber orientation are held together by a light stitching. Flat, non-crimped fibers yield reduced print-thru and higher stiffness than woven fabrics. Ideal for repairs, tabbing and reinforcing.

727-10 17 oz, 4″ wide x 10′ roll

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Biaxial Fabrics & Tapes

Biaxial fabrics and tapes essentially two layers of unidirectional fiberglass placed 45° to the ‘0’ axis off the roll. The layers are held together with a light stitching, thus it is referred to as a stitched tape. It should not be confused with braid, which is woven. Biaxial has good utility as the strands are oriented to allow the tape to pass over a tighter corner.

Biaxial fabrics and tapes are generally stronger on a per-thickness basis than a woven fabric. 727 is .018″ per tow in thickness and has a specific gravity of 2.54. Woven tape has half its fibers taking the full brunt of the bend whereas with biaxial they pass as a more gradual 45° angle. However, Biaxial materials will take more filling with resin or fillers to finish smooth.

727 Biaxial Tape is 4″ wide, 15 oz (per square yard) electrical grade fiberglass (referred to as E glass).