The use of oil sump heaters in low temperatures decreases engine run-up time & helps avoid engine problems caused by cold start-up. These thermostatically controlled, low-watt heaters are designed to bring temperatures up over 3-5 hours and then maintain it. The flexible silicone warmer pads are 1/32″ thick and use a peel & stick adhesive. Wt: 10 oz. Heaters include all necessary installation materials. 120V. 1 yr mfg warranty. FAA approved. SH455FGT Applications: Continental O470-IO470, O520-IO520, IO550. Lycoming O320 (except H & Rear Carb), O360, IO360 (except A & C) O540, TIO540 C & D. SH4336GT Applications: Continental C125-O300, E165-E225. Lycoming 0235, O290 & O320 (H2AD & Rear Carb).