Designed for high quality communication equipment to meet military requirements, This series features one-piece tip rod and one-piece sleeve and plug body, assembled together into a mold as inserts, providing a finished plug with complete continuity of thermoplastic insulation between tip rod and plug sleeve. Internal (invisible externally) interlock mechanically engages the metal and plastic components providing a realistic lock to prevent parts shifting. Design and material in accordance with MIL-P-642(A) SPECIFICATIONS Tip Rod, Body and Screws: Copper alloy, natural finish. Terminals: Tinned copper alloy. Insulation: Thermoplastic, per MIL-P-22985, Type II, Class 1. Handles: Thermoplastic, Type 6, per MIL-M- 20693, Type II. Shielded; machined from copper alloy, nickel-plated. Mates to Jack p/n SJ-034.