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I just placed an order from some rivets for the race car.
I missed the last 2 seasons of auto-cross but will soon
have the car ready to go again in the next few weeks. 
Still displaying the WICKS banner.
George Behring






Paul Csornok
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2012 5:25 PM
To: Eric Cleveland
Subject: My past 6 years relationship with Wicks

Dear Sir,

I am not the type of person who usually has the time to sit and write a correspondence to provide feedback to a business. I felt compelled to write to you today to express my appreciation and gratitude to the Wicks company and all the people I have come in contact with.

I have shopped around several suppliers to comparatively shop price, service and speed of delivery. While no company can win all three every time, Wicks has come out on top more times than not. Most of my orders arrive within two to three business days from when I place my orders and your in-stock rate has been fantastic. While I have no experience with your company's ability to resolve errors in orders, that in itself speaks volumes.

Thank you for serving the aviation community. It is a pleasure doing business with your company.


Paul Csornok

Independence, Ohio


Hi All!

Thanks to Paul Neff, yesterday we went out to the 126th ARW at Scott AFB to see the completed Bede BD-5. A really great bunch of guys and what a simply wonderful job they did with what was a pretty ragged looking airframe. If I did not know better, I'd say they went and bought a different one and painted that!

It looks like it'll be coming home late this week to the Museum. I'll stop by the auto parts store and buy a good cover for it. I also will write letters to each of the folks who participated in the restoration and write a letter to the Wing Commander as well and ask that he commend them for their work and community service. I cannot tell you enough how truly great a job they did in restoring this!

The weather wasn't conducive to taking it outside for photos but they told me they will be taking photos of it out on the ramp with their KC-135Rs and hope to also take a fun pic of it in trail behind a refueling boom.

Julie and Scott, thanks so much for your donations and you will be recognized on the signage that goes with the airplane and on the airframe itself. Scott, if you have a pair of Wicks stickers we can place on it, consider it done.

Mike, anytime you find yourself in the area and can visit the Museum, we'd love have some photos taken of you with "your" airplane!

Enjoy the Day!
Mark Nankivil
Vice President & Archivist
Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum


Many Thanks to Scott Wick and all the great people at Wick's Aircraft for the AM coffee at the Homebuilt camping area at AirVenture 2010 this year. It was greatly appreciated; plus there was a resultant meeting / gathering / fellowship around the coffee shack every morning with many saying "this is really great of Wick's to do this".

Bill Collette
RV-4  "Sola Fide"

Metal Fly Baby


I have been buying airplane parts from you since 1965. A life time of hobbies, 2 Benson Gyro-copters, 5 airplanes, 2 custom cars, and a 15 foot speed boat.

Your employees have always been very courteous, your service prompt, and the order correct.

I just placed my last order, parts for airplane number 5, the all metal Fly Baby.

All my projects have been a labor of love, I love to create my projects.

The Metal Fly Baby is now up for sale, I'm now 84 years of age, it is time to slow down.

Again, job well done,
Thank you,

Donald Taylor

P.S. William Wynne put my Tinker Tow on line,
Taylor Tinker Toy N-5DT

Hi Eric,
Just a short note of thanks and commendation for your customer service.
Orders always timely, inventory correct, no freight stuffups (so far) etc.etc.
All in all, a pleasant experience doing business with you and Wicks.
Once again


Wicks banner at Reno biplane pit.










Dear Mr. Wick

On befalf of the Southern Illinois University SAE Saluki Baja Team, I would sincerely like to thank you for the sponsorship you provided for the design and construction of the 2011-2012 Baja. We were the first Baja team from SIU and appreciate the opportunity that the University
gave us. Thanks to your generous support, our team members were able to apply their engineering skills in a real life hands on project.

In April we attended the SAE Baja race in Auburn, Alabama. During the three day competion we competed in dynamic events such as acceleration, hill climb, maneuverability, and suspension. On the last day we put our vehicle to the ultimate test in a four hour endurance race. Overall, we finished 54th out of 106 teams. We truly made a name for ourselves as we received countless compliments from other teams and judges. This came from the fact that most first year teams fail to even pass technical inspection. This year we plan to build an entirely new Baja and finish in the top 15 at competition.

Without your sponsorship, we would not have been able to compete last year. We deeply appreciate the willingness to which you have sponsored our efforts. We sincerely hope that this association will be maintained and you will continue to support us in our future endeavors. You can continue to stay in touch with us by visiting our website, and our Facebook page

Thanks again for all of your generous support!

Brett Probst
Saluki Baja President

SIU College of Engineering
ATTN: David Williams, Baja Advisor
1230 Lincoln Drive
Mail Code 6603
Carbondale, IL 62901