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No matter what type of aircraft fittings you need, Wicks Aircraft can help supply you with every type of aircraft fittings that you need. From AN & MS fittings, aircraft copper tubes and fittings, brass tube fittings, plastic tube fittings or any other variety of miscellaneous aircraft pipe fittings, Wicks Aircraft has a variety of aircraft fittings in a number of sizes perfect for your needs.

Wicks Aircraft offers a number of aircraft and airplane fasteners, aircraft and airplane supplies and aircraft and airplane products based on your experimental or home built aircraft needs. We offer experts who can help you find the proper sizes for your aircraft fittings, so call Wicks Aircraft today or visit our online catalog to find the exact aircraft fitting part that you need.

To view the Wicks Aircraft online catalog, please click on this link to see all of the aircraft fittings products that Wicks Aircraft has to offer.